Global Coverage for more than 200 countries

EasyClickSMS provides the widest SMS testing coverage in the world with 12000+ constantly available real test numbers, which cover 1200+ Mobile Network Operators worldwide.

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Global Coverage for more than 200 countries


Countries with MNP

MNP map, sorted by the implementation date. We do our best to keep this map updated and for it to serve as a useful reference tool for our industry colleagues. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you find any mistakes or if something is not up to date.

United Kingdom 1999France 2003Estonia 2005Brazil 2008Peru 2010Russia 2013
Netherlands 1999Greece 2003Malta 2005Bulgaria 2008Thailand 2010Armenia 2014
Hong Kong 1999Ireland 2003Croatia 2006Egypt 2008Colombia 2011Azerbaijan 2014
Spain 2000USA 2003Czech Republic 2006Macedonia 2008Georgia 2011Honduras 2014
Switzerland 2000Cyprus 2004Japan 2006Malaysia 2008Ghana 2011Kazakhstan 2015
Australia 2001Austria 2004Oman 2006Mexico 2008Bahrain 2011El Salvador 2015
Norway 2001Hungary 2004Poland 2006Romania 2008India 2011Senegal 2015
Sweden 2001Iceland 2004Saudi Arabia 2006Singapore 2008Kenya 2011Maldives 2016
Denmark 2001Lithuania 2004South Africa 2006Turkey 2008Serbia 2011Iran 2016
Belgium 2002Slovakia 2004New Zealand 2007Dominican Republic 2009Belarus 2012Tanzania 2017
Germany 2002South Korea 2004Canada 2007Ecuador 2009Chile 2012Bangladesh 2018
Italy 2002Luxembourg 2005Israel 2007Albania 2010Kuwait 2013Morocco 2018
Portugal 2002Slovenia 2005Latvia 2007Argentina 2010Moldova 2013Ukraine 2019
Finland 2003Taiwan 2005Pakistan 2007Jordan 2010Nigeria 2013Philippines 2019
     Vietnam 2019