SMS the easy way!

To get started with EasyClickSMS, all you need is a list of people with their mobile phone numbers.

You can send a text message to promote a new product, offer special discounts, send verification codes for authentication, manage and collaborate with employees, make important announcements, send friendly reminders, notify emergency advisories or schedule events and activities.

EasyClickSMS is a Web-based application that lets you send bulk text messages to your customers. There’s nothing to install and nothing to learn. Open your browser and start sending messages.

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Now send SMS globaly for less credits !

SMS the easy way!

Our platform main features

Our platform main features

EasyClickSMS Features

Greek Characters

Supports upto 160 Greek characters/message

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Custom Sender ID

You can get your own sender ID

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Import your list

Import your own list of mobile numbers with a one-step upload, in a mobile-per-line text file

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Global coverage

Global coverage for more than 200 countries

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Bulk and Streaming Routes

Full featured bulk and streaming routes; we use configured A routes

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Real time logs & statistics

Real time logging facility and statistics via our web portal

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Delivery Tracking

Monitor whether a message has been received on a recipient’s phone

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Message history

Message history to keep track of all your outgoing SMS and campaigns

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API integration

Use SMPP or REST API to integrate directly with your system.

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No installation

No software to install

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Contacts – Groups

You can save your contracts, setup your own groups

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No setup fees

No setup fees or charges

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No expiration

No expiry date for SMS credits, so buy more and save!

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Free credits

Upon signup, you get free credits to test the service

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Test real SMS delivery

Test real SMS delivery

Send messages to our local mobile handset test numbers and check if they are being delivered. Compare the real receipt status from our handset with the delivery report of your supplier to identify fake DLRs and ensure optimal routing of your SMS traffic.

Fake DLR detection

Identify fake DLRs by comparing SMPP status with the status from our testing device.

MNP support test

Send tests to ported numbers to see if your supplier correctly supports MNP.

Sender ID and Content test

Check the real features of your routes and what is actually being delivered on our mobile test number when you send your messages.


Check which Sender ID your SMS are being delivered from.

Elements & Components

You can easily read, edit, and write your own code, or change everything.

Sender ID and Content test
SMSC verification

SMSC verification

We can retrieve SMSC information once your test message reaches our testing device. This information can help you to determine the route type and, potentially, the original provider of the route.

SMSC number

We provide the exact SMSC number from which the SMS was sent.

SMSC owner

We make an SMSC lookup and try to determine the owner of the SMSC.

What else can you do with the EasyClickSMS platform?

Double your success rate with a Sender ID. Statistics show that text messages with a Sender ID double the success rate of each message.

So, don’t throw your money away, use a Sender ID and make sure your message will be read. Now send SMS globaly for less credits !

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You have an option to select prepaid or postpaid payment terms, depending on your needs.

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No commitment
Billed per test
Pay as you go
Price based on top-up amount



€250 monthly commitment
Billed per test
Monthly invoices
Price based on the amount of tests