EasyClickSMS platform prices

You have the option to select between various prepaid packages, depending on your needs. Credits never expire !

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EasyClickSMS platform prices

About our pricing options

We offer a flexible range of pricing models that suit the needs of customers with any volume of testing traffic.

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An easy start: Prepaid terms

You can start using our services on prepaid terms without any commitments or risks. Once you top up your account, your credits will never expire and you can send as few tests as you’d like, depending on your needs.

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The lowest price: Postpaid terms

You can benefit from the lowest prices if you send over 1000 tests per month. You can receive monthly invoices and pay according to your usage. We offer price bonuses for customers with large volumes of testing traffic.

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Why do we charge per test?

We try to replace our test numbers as frequently as possible in order to avoid test number whitelisting. This means we carry a cost for each test issued and also charge you per triggered test.

Choose your pricing model: Prepaid plans

You can start using our SMS testing tool without any commitment — simply top up your account and get charged a flat price per test you send. No contract required.


$9 /mo

Single Website
Manual Import
No Support

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$59 /mo

7 Websites
Auto Import
10 Hour Support

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$149 /mo

Unlimited Websites
Auto Import
24/7 Support

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